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Pre and Post Natal Pilates

At the moment I am not running group Pre or Post Natal classes. If you wish to book a private or share a private with a friends please email to book.

Post Natal Pilates

During pregnancy and birth a mothers body will undergo tremendous change in a relatively small space of time. Using Pilates as a system of rehabilitation, we gently encourage the body to realign and strengthen. Breathing and relaxation techniques allow the mother a chance to calm, focus and re energise.

Post Natal Aims: Realign and Strengthen the Pelvic Floor and Deep Abdominals
  Improve Posture - Mobility and Strength
  Aid Relaxation and Self Confidence

Am I ready for exercise?

Please check with your GP or health visitor. This will depend on your delivery and is a very individual question.

It's advisable to start pelvic floor exercises as soon as the baby is born. Also try simply pulling your belly in (navel in towards the spine, this activates the deep Transverse Abdominal muscles) whenever you can.

Pilates in Pregnancy

Pilates strengthens the most important muscles you'll use during pregnancy and labor: your abdominals, pelvic muscles and back.Working the deep postural muscles will also improve body alignment so you should experience less aches and pains. Pilates is low impact so there is less stress on your body (than more 'bouncy' activities) and the moves are slow and controlled so you have time to adjust your posture and alignment for gaining maximum support.

Many traditional Pilates exercises are performed either lying on your back or stomach and as this is not appropriate during pregnancy many of the exercises are modified and specifically tailored for each stage of pregnancy. Separation of the abdominals (diastasis) can occur in the later stages of pregnancy so it's important to insure you are doing appropriate exercises with a qualified instructor.

Each class will also focus on pelvic floor exercises and relaxation techniques.

Useful Links:
> Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists statement on exercise in pregnancy
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