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Pilates Studio Equipment

Pilates equipment can be grouped into two categories. First, there are the small portable pieces of equipment; stability balls, bands, magic circle and foam roller (these are sometimes used in Mat Classes and found at Gyms).

Then there are the larger pieces of equipment; Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac or Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel and Step Barrel. At Truro Pilates we use top of the range Balanced Body studio equipment (imported from California).

Equipment Classes in the Studio

Truro Pilates offers equipment sessions on a Private or Semi Private basis only. This allows the session to be tailored to the clients needs. Whether you have a specific reason to practise pilates (such as after injury, back problem or to enhance your favourite sporting activity) or simply because you'd just like to keep fit the session can be customised to your individual needs.

Clients range from an 84 year old recuperating from hip replacement to teenagers with knee injuries, pregant and post natal clients, middle aged back problems, men and women right accross the spectrum.

Mat or Equipment?

Mat work is just one component of the whole system of exercises that Joseph Pilates created and it's a great way to begin Pilates.

Using the equipment, however, opens up new possibilities and allows for many variations. The equipment can be used to either assist an exercise or make it more challenging.

The method was originally intended to be taught in a studio environment, as you then receive the benefit of a one-on-one personalized experience. The session can then be customized and tailored for your own specific needs.

As the popularity of Pilates has increased group Mat work classes have become extremely popular as they do not require specialist equipment and are cheaper to attend. However, working on the equipment develops a high degree of precision and allows a client to focus on there own distinct needs. This means faster results and a much deeper understanding.

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